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Going The Extra Mile!

Hey Brad!

I hope that you will pass on my thanks and appreciation to Fran and the rest of your staff who were involved in arranging the “retrieval” of a young lady from the chaos of NYC and her subsequent delivery to the civilized world on Tuesday. You might imagine the anxiety involved for a young lady in arriving for the first time in a foreign country (New York), under the circumstances encountered – in the middle of the night, after nearly 24 hours on a plane, no continuing flight, no information available, nowhere to stay, etc. Not only on her part, but also her parents in Santiago.

I’m sure that your folks were buried in hopping from one logistical problem to another regarding planes, crews, traffic, and so on. Nevertheless, they quickly turned a developing fiasco into a well-organized and efficiently implemented plan which worked out just great, including ground transportation and hotel reservations. Plus follow-up to make sure we had all the names and phone numbers we might need. Our last call was from Chastity, advising that she would be taking over from Fran for the rest of the evening, so we knew from past experience that we were still in good hands.

So, thanks again. You have a great organization.

Happy Client