Team Members

Brad Koury President

Brad Koury - President

Koury Aviation focuses on personal service for our customers; we are not interested in just putting a person in an aircraft and moving them. We strive to understand what makes the customer comfortable and feel safe on their trip, each trip is an education to what our customer’s needs are, whether they have kids or dogs. Our pilots are seasoned with thousands of hours, and a personality that cares that each passenger is provided for before they get on the aircraft, during the flight, and once they arrive at their destination.


Chastity Terry - Administration

Chastity has been an integral part of Koury Aviation since 1997. She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill earning a BA in Psychology. Her 20+ years of service have allowed her to build trusting relationships with her clients. She is familiar with the existing client’s needs and can efficiently identify the needs of new clients. She has experience in scheduling turboprops, light jets, mid jets and heavy jets. She is dedicated to taking special care of each and every client.



Tom Hurlocker - Director of Maintenance

“Safety First.”

Tom has over 30 years maintaining FAR135 operators’ maintenance as mechanic, lead mechanic, inspector and director of maintenance. He has maintenance and technical training on Boeing, Cessna Citation, Hawker Beechcraft, Hawker 125 and King Air Series aircraft, Falcon, Embraer, and IAI Westwind series aircraft.


Ronnie Mickey - Hangar and Facility Manager

Ronnie has 19+ years of experience as a Lineman. He received his training in the US Air Force where he was a crew chief for Northrop T-38, Cessna T-37 and Boeing B-52 size airplanes. After serving his 4 years in the military and several years with a local corrugated box company, he came back to aviation as a 2nd/3rd shift supervisor towing and refueling a variety of aircraft from Piper Cubs to L-1011 TriStars. He handles the facility’s maintenance and is Koury’s “go-to guy”!


Karl Trenor – Maintenance Director of Quality

Karl is an experienced industry veteran with over 40 years of aircraft maintenance experience including FAR 91, FAR 121, FAR 135, and FAR 145 operations. He has held positions from the ground level to the top level in this industry. Besides being an A&P technician and IA, he is also an instrument rated pilot that adds to his understanding of customer needs.

Joining our company as Director of Quality in February 2020 and starting our maintenance department along with completion of our CRS 145 Repair Station, Karl is a definite asset to our company.


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