Charter is Cost Effective
Private Aircraft Charter can be the most cost effective means of air transportation. Unlike other alternatives, such as whole or partial aircraft ownership, there is no capital investment, no monthly management fee, no bulk flight hours that must be purchased, no personnel expense and no regulatory compliance requirements for the charter customer. Air charter is always a more productive means of travel over airline service due to efficient use of the passenger’s time. It can also be less expensive, particularly when multiple destinations need to be visited, when the destination is not at a major airline hub, when several passengers travel together or by allowing the flexibility to shorten your trip so overnight stays become unnecessary.

For Increased Productivity & Security
Reduce travel visibility, eliminating unwanted and unnecessary conversations and interruptions. Private jets safeguard company employees and the sensitive information they carry. Because private jets have the ability to fly nonstop between smaller less congested airports, they offer effective use of the passenger’s time. While en route, meetings can be conducted in a secure environment, free from interruptions, distractions or eavesdropping. Time strategizing before meetings and debriefing afterwards increase employee’s productivity.

Minimize Hours Away
‘Family Time’ before and after traditional business hours is critical to most employees and can have an acute effect on employee morale and productivity. Air charter allows flexible scheduling and quick and easy access to meeting locations, thereby minimizing time away from home and office. Overnight trips can often be avoided.

Reduce Fatigue
Aircraft charter allows passengers to avoid the discomfort, delays and frustrations of commercial airlines. Employees utilizing business aircraft arrive refreshed and relaxed, ready to accomplish their mission.
Efficient, Flexible and Reliable Scheduling
Scheduling flexibility is inherent in the air charter business which can be a powerful asset. Our aircraft arrive and depart on the passenger’s schedules. Passenger’s meetings also can be moved up, back, or extended without penalty, risk, or unnecessary scheduling pressures.

Project a Positive Corporate Image
For customers and vendors, the arrival and departure of company employees via private jet planes is the sign of a well-run company, signaling the progressive nature of an organization with a keen interest in efficient time management and high levels of productivity.

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