The Cessna Citation XLS is one of the bestselling private jets in its class. The aircraft delivers an excellent midsize jet experience, flying longer distances, carrying a larger passenger count, and efficiently getting in and out of smaller destinations.

The XLS has ample cabin and storage space, flying up to eight passengers’ nonstop between cities like Raleigh to Dallas. The interior of the XLS comes with six leather seats that track on two axes to allow for added comfort and space along with a one person side facing near the boarding door. These seats are configured in a four place center club layout, one side facing by the boarding door, two forward facing in the rear of the aircraft, and a side facing seat in the rear of the aircraft.

The cabin also includes a oversized refreshment center with a storage cupboard stocked with an assortment of beverages, snacks and coffee. Natural light illuminates the cabin through 11 windows and overhead lights have been reconfigured to make the cabin seem even more spacious. In-flight productivity is at your fingertips by foldout tables, 110-volt AC power outlets and complimentary WiFi.