COVID-19 Update

While the private nature of our planes keep you away from the crowds, we want to put your mind at ease by outlining some of our normal and now further intensified sanitary protocol/procedures to maximize all of our safety. We are following the expert guidance provided by the CDC & other government agencies, and common-sense practices and response activities.

We are taking the following measures to ensure the health and safety of our clients and our teammates in protecting everyone from this virus.

  • We have added disinfection procedures to our normal pre and post flight activities. We are cleaning all of our seating areas before and after each flight.
  • Our pull out table tops and all storage areas are being cleaned.
  • All textiles such as blankets have been removed from our fleet to avoid accidental exposures.
  • Each aircraft is going through additional periodic deep disinfection.
  • Our crews have been trained on personal hygiene practices, disinfection procedures, appropriate social distancing and awareness of illness indicators.
  • Various other measures are, and will be implemented to ensure the highest level of safety during this extraordinary time.

As always, we thank you for your continued patronage, and the trust you place in our team. We’re committed to passing through this outbreak with everyone’s health intact and maintaining the service you expect from our team here at Koury Aviation.


Koury Aviation