CitationJet CJ1

CITATIONJET CJ1 – Based at Raleigh, NC

The CitationJet CJ1 accommodates 5 passengers in the cabin with a belted, enclosed lavatory seat to have space for a totally of 6 passengers. The passenger seats track forward, aft and laterally. Amenities include: an enclosed aft lavatory, a mini refreshment center and both nose and tailcone external baggage compartments. The CJ is one of the least expensive options in private jet travel for your shorter trips and flights with smaller passenger loads.

Our CJ1 has a fully loaded range of approximately 600 nautical miles which can get to you such non-stop destinations as West Palm Beach, Mobile, Memphis, St Louis, Chicago and Boston in a 2:00-2:30 minute flight.

leather seats
white leather seats
N130LM seat chart