Citation V now available in Raleigh

    Citation V

Koury Aviation welcomes the addition of a Citation V light jet to it’s charter fleet based at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.  Cessna developed this popular business jet for excellent short runway performance with it’s more powerful turbofan engines and stretched fuselage for more in cabin comfort.  This jet has double club seating to comfortably seat 8 passengers plus it has a belted lavatory seat to carry up to 9 passengers when needed.  With a cruise speed of 472 mph, a 1200nm fully loaded max range and a operational ceiling of 45,000 ft, this jet is the perfectly economical way to fly to reach your next charter destination.  Whether it’s a business trip to New York or a family vacation to the Caribbean, call our charter representatives to get your quote today!

Charter toll free 866-947-6564 or

email Chastity at and to get your quote today!


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