Citation Ultra

The Citation Ultra, the next step in the very popular model 560 series, is an 8-passenger, turbofan-powered, light jet. The aircraft Jt15D engines produce 3,045 pounds of thrust per engine which allows the aircraft to climb at an initial rate from sea level of 4,100 feet per minute and is able to reach a maximum cruising altitude of 45,000 feet. 

The Citation Ultra will transport passengers comfortably and quietly just over 2,255 miles with a 45-minute reserve of fuel if faced with inclement, rapidly changing weather. As a result of its straight-wing design, The Citation Ultra is an incredibly versatile aircraft, able to operate from short runways at high altitudes and temperatures while also able to fly at very low approach speeds as well, maximizing safety and landing performance. 

The increase in cabin space and the passenger’s access to fully adjustable seating, folding tables, and fully stocked refreshment centers make traveling with Koury Aviation, an incredibly comfortable experience.