Citation Encore and a CitationJet CJ1 Added

Citation Encore and a CitationJet CJ1 Added

Koury Aviation is pleased to announce the addition of a 2004 Citation Encore and a CitationJet CJ1 to our 135 charter operator certificate!

The Citation Encore comes with brand new exterior paint and an interior that looks every bit as new as it’s bright, shiny exterior. The Encore can climb to 37,000’ in altitude in approximately 13 minutes, making it a very fuel efficient means of jet travel. Seating 7 passengers in the cabin, this jet also has a belted lavatory seat to accommodate 8 passengers when needed.

The Citation Jet CJ1 is a perfect very light jet for making those short runs around the East Coast. Fully loaded, this jet will have about a 2:30 range. This jet is fully certified for single pilot operation or we can offer a crew of two pilots. Please be sure to check out our aircraft page to see the photos of the variety of aircraft currently available in our fleet.

CITATIONJET CJ1 – Based at Raleigh, NC

The CitationJet CJ1 accommodates 5 passengers in the cabin with a belted, enclosed lavatory seat to have space for a totally of 6 passengers. The passenger seats track forward, aft and laterally. Amenities include: an enclosed aft lavatory, a mini refreshment center and both nose and tailcone external baggage compartments. The CJ is one of the least expensive options in private jet travel for your shorter trips and flights with smaller passenger loads.

Our CJ1 has a fully loaded range of approximately 600 nautical miles which can get to you such non-stop destinations as West Palm Beach, Mobile, Memphis, St Louis, Chicago and Boston in a 2:00-2:30 minute flight.

leather seats
white leather seats
N130LM seat chart

CITATION ENCORE – Based at Raleigh, NC

Our Citation Encore is in pristine condition, inside and out! This comfortable and economical business jet always represents excellent value for private air charter. The Citation Encore has the ability to utilize short runways and will comfortably accommodate 7 passengers in the cabin with a belted lavatory seat for a total of 8 passenger seats. The cabin seats will fully recline and track forward and aft. The Encore has a refreshment center and a fully enclosed lavatory. This light jet also boasts the longest cabin in the private light jet category. Other amenities include flat panel entertainment system, audio jacks and power outlets. There is 43 cubic feet of exterior storage and 28 feet of interior storage and is able to carry 1400 lbs of cargo. This jet has an average cruise speed of 432 MPH or .74 mach and fully loaded has approximately a 3:00 hour flight time range.

Citation exterior
Citation interior
Citation 3 seating
Citation folding table
Encore seating chart
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