Some Frequently Asked Questions

We have access to over 5,000 US airports and also serve Canada, Mexico, Central America, Bermuda and the Caribbean. We will help you choose the most convenient airport for your departure point and for each leg of your trip.

Your pilots will be waiting for you. They will escort you to the airplane and load your baggage. Some airports allow you to drive your car right up to the aircraft to board. You will usually be airborne within a few minutes of your arrival at the airport. Your airplane waits for you at your destination and will depart on your schedule.

As little as two hours if a crew and one of our aircraft are available. Our private jet aircraft are reserved on a first come first served basis.

You will be renting the entire airplane rather than just one seat as with the airlines. Therefore the cost of your trip will be the same whether you have one passenger or eight passengers. Each aircraft has an hourly flight rate and average cruise speed. We estimate the time required to fly your trip and provide a firm quote to you when you make a reservation.

Tax: Federal Excise Tax is currently 7.5% plus $4.10 per leg per passenger.

Overnight Fee: $800 Domestic – $1000 International. *May be higher in some locations.

Expenses: Any landing and ramp fees, special catering requests, de-icing, etc. will be charged at actual cost.

Koury Aviation is an ARGUS Gold Rated Operator.

Did we answer all your questions, are you ready to travel? Fly with the convenience of traveling on your schedule, no TSA lines or other passengers to get stuck sitting between, no luggage to lose, no hassle. It’s a simple get on and get there.

Let us provide you with a hassle free charter quote.

If you still have unanswered questions please reach out to our exceptional charter team and they will be happy to help.