Chartering a private aircraft can be a great solution for family vacations when you are traveling with pets, young children or seniors who might require special accommodations. Considering a golfing, fishing, hunting or skiing excursion? Have peace of mind and sense of security seeing your equipment – golf clubs, guns, skis, etc. – being loaded on your private aircraft. We can also bring home your ‘catch’ packed on ice! Your important items won’t get lost or denied carriage. There are no additional fees for extra bags; even small pieces of furniture can be accommodated. The commercial airlines do not offer that!

So next time you have a special trip in mind, contact a Koury Aviation professional. We are here to make your journey pleasurable and hassle-free!

Reasons to Charter

Time Is Money. Time Is Precious. Time Is Luxury.

Private aviation is a growing industry due to the increasing affordability and justification of costs involved. With our chartering services you avoid the dues, management and responsibility that you would most likely encounter with other alternatives such as whole or partial aircraft ownership.

With charter you avoid:

Capital investment

Monthly management fee

Bulk flight hours for purchase

Personnel expense

Regulatory compliance

With charter you can enjoy a variety of benefits such as:

Luxury travel

Affordable group/family/business trips

Flexibility in destination

(Proudly serving the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean)

Faster arrival

Ease of travel

Having time and simplicity at your fingertips